Encounter with Jesus – October 16

October 16

Our divine Master


One of the reasons that people, including many believers, don’t read the Bible is because they can’t understand it. This is to be expected to be the case for those who do not know Christ, but why are so many believers unable to understand the truths of Holy Scripture? Perhaps it is because they have not asked their divine Master for help. One of the main responsibilities of the Holy Spirit is to enable Christians to understand the things of God.

When we look at Christians who know more than we do, we sometimes think: I will never be able to get to that level . The question, however, is not how much knowledge you have now, but whether you are growing in understanding. The Spirit will teach you what you need to know, not necessarily what others know. Because He wants us to be people consecrated to God, He will give us enough truth every day to transform our lives. He will interpret the meaning and give an application designed specifically for each person.

The purpose of the Spirit is not to fill your mind with information, but to take you to a deeper level in your relationship with the Lord. He wants you to understand the truth, so that you will fall in love with the Lord Jesus. Then you will long to spend time in his Word, thereby getting to know him better.

But all these treasures of the Bible may remain out of your reach if you don’t ask the Master to reveal them to you. Every time you read your Bible, ask the Lord for understanding. For those who allow the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s thoughts, a wonderful love relationship with Christ awaits.

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