Family Talk Night Light for Parents

Duration: 365 days


Your iniquities have separated you from your God. Isaiah 59:2

Last night’s story by Michael Fitzpatrick illustrates the depth and pain caused by pornography. It reminds me (JCD) of the interview I had with Ted Bundy in Florida just hours before he was executed for killing three girls. Bundy told me that as a thirteen-year-old, he discovered pornographic materials at a dump. The images excited him and started him on a path that eventually led to murder.

Certainly not every adolescent who reads pornographic magazines or watches obscene videos will grow up to be a killer. But many will develop addictions that will cause terrible damage to their lives and those they love. The threat is genuine, particularly since these disturbing images are now available on the Internet with just the click of a mouse—perhaps at the local library, or even in your own home.

The psalmist asks, “How long will you love delusions and seek false gods?” (Psalm 4:2). The greatest evil of pornography is that it separates the addict from God. To prevent that from happening to your kids, be careful about exposing them to sexual imagery and monitor closely what they see on the Internet. By shielding your sons and daughters from the scourge of pornography, you’ll enable them to “draw near to God with a sincere heart” (Hebrews 10:22).


Are your kids at risk for viewing pornography? Why or why not?

How could you better shield them from objectionable images?

Have they seen you toying with obscenity?

Dear God, we understand that obscene images pose an awesome threat to our children. Protect our family, Lord! Give us the wisdom and energy we need to build a hedge around our kids so that they may always draw near to You. Amen.

  • From Night Light For Parents, by Dr. James & Shirley Dobson
    Copyright © 2000 by James Dobson, Inc. All rights reserved.

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