The Truth For Today – October 16

October 16

Exercise faith

By faith we walk, not by sight.

2 Corinthians 5: 7

Thomas Manton said that while all is calm and there is comfort, we live by the senses and not by faith. But the value of a soldier in peacetime is never known. It is always a challenge to stay focused properly through a difficult test. Even with the promise of lessons learned and rewards understood, the certainty of those benefits may seem more theoretical than real. But we can have much greater confidence in the reality of all of these things if we simply remember the words of today’s verse.

One of God’s purposes in trials is to give us greater strength. When you go through a test, your spiritual muscles (faith) are exercised and strengthened for the next test. That means that we can face worse enemies and resist greater obstacles, thus becoming more useful to the Lord. And the more useful you are, the more you will accomplish his will in the power of your Spirit for his glory.

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About Moment of Grace

What people need most is the truth – an informed, dynamic relationship with God’s Word. In a chaotic world blinded by unbelief, tradition, mysticism, and doctrinal error, the Word of God penetrates all of this and provides answers. Tune in to “Grace to You” to hear clear, practical, verse-by-verse teaching from  Pastor John MacArthur.

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