Vertical Connection – October 16

When dreams linger

Ana Maria Frege Issa

Do you have dreams that have not yet come true? Do you long for something with all your heart and God hasn’t given it to you yet?

You are not the only one, we all have something, at least one thing, that our hearts passionately desire but that still God has not granted us.

Elcana had two wives: Penina and Ana. The second had no children and that is why Penina made fun of her. Every year, while they were going to the tabernacle, the same thing happened and Ana felt so bad that she even stopped eating.

One day, after offering sacrifice, Ana got up and went to pray and in great anguish she poured out her heart before God. The account says that no audible words came out of Ana’s mouth and that even Eli, the priest, thought she was drunk and rebuked her.

Have you ever been through something like this? Have you felt so sad that you can’t even utter words? Even when you try to pray, you can’t find how to turn to God because what happens to you hurts so much that tears are what best express what you feel.

People do not understand what is happening to you, no matter how much you explain them, they do not understand the pain you are going through and, although they try to comfort you, there is nothing to alleviate your grief. Perhaps it is because dreams are personal and everyone knows the value they have. Even for Elcana it was difficult to understand why Ana was so depressed about not having children.

And of course, there is no shortage of Pennines who always know how to put their finger on the wound and take care to remind you of what you have not yet achieved, that prayer that has not yet been answered.

But Hannah, she went to the tabernacle and poured out her heart before God, is there a better place? Will there be someone who understands you like Him?

The account goes on to say that once Hannah explained what was happening to Eli, he told him: “ … Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant you the request you have made.  And she said: May your servant find grace in your eyes. And the woman went her way, and ate, and was no more sad.  And getting up early in the morning, they worshiped before Jehovah…. ” (1 Samuel 1: 17-19)

I invite you to follow Ana’s example. Present your request before God, pour out your heart in His presence. Who else could understand and comfort you? Who else can fulfill the wishes you have?

If you have already done it, get up and do not be sadder, go and worship God. And hope that He does not reject our requests and will give you what you long for.

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