Encounter with Jesus – October 17/18

October 17/18

To win the war

1 TIMOTHY 1.18

After September 11, 2001, our country declared war on terrorism. In the beginning, this effort monopolized the headlines and kept many of us glued to TV. Ten years later, there is much less publicity about this war, but we are still far from experiencing international peace.

These are tough times, and not just globally. As Christians, we face a constant war, wrestling with sin and its consequences. Always at a crossroads: Will we follow Jesus or will we let the pressures of life direct our loyalty to other things?

In any war, be it in the renewed tensions of the Middle East or our own spiritual battle, there are several essential actions to achieve victory. Today we will focus on the first tactic: knowing our enemy and how he works. In his desire to turn us away from the Lord, the devil tries to bring doubt, sin, feelings of guilt, and destruction into our lives. Cheat, divide and destroy.

Christians must be vigilant. When we read the Bible, pray, and spend time with other believers, we are protecting ourselves. By memorizing the Holy Scriptures, we have the truth to protect us against deception. Furthermore, we can tell Satan to flee, in the name of Jesus Christ (Mr 16.17; Lk 10.17).

Are you in a vulnerable situation that Satan has easy access to? Make sure your life stands on the solid rock that is Jesus Christ. Unless you stay close to Him, the devil will take you away from God. Be like a branch that remains attached to the vine, so that the victory is yours.

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