The Truth For Today – October 22

October 22

Humiliation of the rich

He who is rich, in his humiliation.

James 1:10

Christians who don’t have to go through life’s trials related to poverty can rejoice in their “humiliation,” as today’s verse points out. When the trials they undergo help them to understand that their possessions cannot bring true happiness and contentment, they will understand that they depend on the true riches of God’s grace. The wealthy Christian can rejoice when he knows that material blessings are only temporary and spiritual riches are eternal.

Trials humble all believers to the same level of dependence on God. Money does not get people out of their problems, even if it could solve some financial problems. When you lose a daughter, a son, a wife or a husband, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. No amount is going to take one out of such a test.

Whether we are rich or poor, we undergo trials to help us humbly recognize that our resources are in God.

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