Vertical Connection – October 22

Hope against hopeHope can be defined as that virtue that makes us believe that the best will happen, regardless of whether the tide of problems, worries or difficulties seems to grow without giving us respite or respite. If we have hope, we will continue fighting, we will not give up and much more if it is placed on God. Perhaps you have received news with an irreversible prognosis: a divorce decree, a dismissal letter, an imminent auction, a medical diagnosis with an eviction, the death of a loved one or any other news that makes your world start to unravel. . It does not matter how serious the news is or if you were the one who caused that outcome or if it was someone who did something against you. It does not matter if people blame you or tell you to give up, God has the last word and although everything seems to be against you, as long as you keep your gaze fixed on your Savior, He is not going to abandon you even for an instant and He has already prepared a great ending for you; is the specialist in the impossible. In Romans 4:18 we are reminded of the case of a man who even with all the circumstances against him decided to believe God and his trust was not disappointed, on the contrary, the Lord considered him just because of his faith. “Even when there was no reason to hope, Abraham continued to hope because he had believed that he would become the father of many nations. For God had told him: “That will be the number of descendants you will have” “Romans 4:18 (NLT) No matter what you’re going through, even when there is no reason to hope, keep believing. God has promised that he will not leave you, he will not abandon you; keep your faith firm and God will always work in your favor. Remember that having faith is not living with all the answers, hope allows you to have the certainty that God is in control of our lives and the circumstances we go through. Even when common sense tells you that there is nothing else to do if you put your hope in God, you will see His hand working on your behalf. Ana Maria Frege IssaCall Center Coordinator

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