The Truth For Today – October 25

October 25

God is not to blame

When someone is tempted, do not say that he is tempted by God; because God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone.

James 1:13

Although some believe in the ancient concept that God is responsible for our temptation and sin, James prohibits such a concept in today’s verse.

James warns against justifying our sin and blaming God in the midst of our struggle against temptation. When you’re struggling with temptation and almost ready to give up, don’t justify yourself by saying that God is tempting you.

Assuming no one accuses God of causing him to sin, James means that we should not even think of God as the cause of our sins. Most people do not go so far as to see God as the direct tempter, but they do believe that God is indirectly at fault for allowing the situation and the possibility of failure. But God is not the direct cause of temptation, nor is He even its remote cause. Never consider yourself a victim of God’s providence.

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