The Truth For Today – October 26

October 26th

You have to recognize the trap

Each one is tempted, when from his own lust he is attracted and seduced.

James 1:14

Temptation does not come from God, but from within. The word tempted was used in hunting contexts to describe animals that are attracted to traps, and seduced is used to describe fishing with a bait. Every person is tempted when the trap of sin has a bait that appeals to their lust. The lust of a person who responds to the seduction of the trap deceptively attracts her to the point that she is caught.

What drives us so much towards the bait? It is not God. And neither are Satan, nor his demons, nor the evil system of the world that seduces us into taking the bait. It is our lustful nature that prompts us to bite him. Our flesh, our fallen nature, has a desire for evil.

From a spiritual perspective, the problem is that although we have been redeemed and received a new nature, we still have an enemy within. The inner passion of the flesh, not God, is to blame for our temptation to sin.

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