Make the Most of Your Opportunity – Ed Young Television Devotional – 10/27

Ed Young Television Devotional

Make the Most of Your Opportunity

“We have not because we ask not.” –James 4:2


Everyone, no matter what stage of life they are, has opportunity to impact others. But potential, as Pastor Ed Young has taught before, means we haven’t done anything yet. Having the opportunity and making the most of it are two completely different things.

When it comes to influencing others for Christ, we have to be willing to step out and find out where people stand. We all have a circle of influence. God has given you that influence so you can make a difference for Him. Make the most of that circle in your life. Look for opportunities to ask others about their understanding, their experience, and their relationship with Christ. You never know what will happen when you simply ask those questions!


Thank God for placing you where you are so that you can influence others for Him. Pray for the courage and boldness to ask others where they are with Christ so that you can show them what it means to stand with Him.


There’s likely a name on your mind right now of someone you need to influence for Christ. Make today be the day you take your conversation to another level by asking them about their relationship with Christ. It doesn’t have to be awkward. Simply make it a topic of conversation, and see where God leads!

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