More from Life – The week of October 27

A true friend 
© Copyright 2010 More of Life with Jorge Cota

Ecclesiastes 4:10

Have you ever been hurt by a friend? Have you experienced the disappointment of a friend?

Unfortunately, it has happened to all of us. Sooner or later, someone looks bad to us, betrays us, disappoints us or disappoints us. However, there is something within us that pushes us to continue developing interpersonal relationships. We have a deep need to feel connected, to have company, and to be accepted. It is until we are hurt that we disconnect to avoid pain and suffering but we were not designed to be alone. We need someone to understand us; Help us. We cannot be lone rangers. That is why reconciling our interpersonal relationships is always the best option.

Solomon said ” For if one of them falls, the other will lift his companion; but woe to him who falls when there is no other to lift him!”

Unfortunately, our world is full of people who have fallen and have no one to reach out to lift them up. Solomon also said “Never abandon a friend.”

As you can see, for the world you may be one person, but when you are a true friend for that person you may be the world.

“For the world you may be a single person but for a person you may be the world.”  

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