Discretion – Daily in Your Presence – Oct. 28

Day 302


“Do not give dogs what is sacred;
do not throw your pearls to pigs.”
 Matthew 7:6

My child, I have chosen earthen vessels like you to hold My most valuable jewels because My light shines best in ordinary people. Others, full of themselves or with the cares of this world, have stuffed their jars so full, there is no room left for Me. Use My discretion wisely, My child. Sacred things are not to be trampled, but preserved. Share My treasures wisely. Don’t hoard them, but give them to faithful disciples who appreciate the value.

Not everyone can appreciate the “diviner” things of life, Lord. You were careful to give Your jewels to those who would value their worth. I appreciate Your discretion, Lord. And I thank You for entrusting me with Your valuables.


Even in the darkness there are treasures of light.

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