Treasures of the Word – October 30

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October 30


“For which reason I also suffer this; but I am not ashamed, because I know whom I have believed, and I am sure that he is able to keep my deposit for that day ” (2 Timothy 1:12).


I heard of a lady who memorized so many verses of Scripture that she recited them to the Lord in praise of his name. When she grew old and began to lose her memory, she only remembered one verse: “Because I know who I have believed, and I am sure [He] is able to keep my deposit for that day.” She quoted him over and over again. Soon her memory deteriorated further and all she could remember was one sentence: “I’m sure [He] is powerful.” This gave him a lot of comfort. Finally, she got to the point that she could only say, “Him.” You could distill the Bible into just that word: “He.”


Spend the next five minutes calming your mind, calming your heart, and laying your whole life on that note of praise: “Him.”

This devotional comes from the messages of Dr. Adrián Rogers of the Ministry THE LOVE THAT IS WORTH

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