Daily Food – November 4

Our microcosm

Christ freed us to live in freedom. Therefore, stand firm and do not submit to the yoke of slavery again. Galatians 5: 1

After receiving complaints from the Foundation for the Liberation of Religion, the Director of the County’s public schools decided to cancel public prayers before sporting events.

The problem is that the absence of prayers through the speakers has not stopped the work of the Holy Spirit.

A local pastor says that one of the soccer team players said publicly: “I’m tired of living like I live. Drugs don’t help me, but if you say that God can help me, I want to try it. “

That happened some time ago. Now that same pastor reports that more than half of the soccer team members have been baptized. And, as I am told, the entire team is still praying.

All of this only proves that even the best plans of the Foundation for the Liberation of Religion can fail if the Lord so wishes.

The reason I share this story is simple. I think we should all thank God in prayer for these young people. I think we should all encourage them because, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, these young people decided to stand firm in their faith in the Savior.

Let’s share this story with our youth, and encourage them to stand firm in the faith.

Regardless of whether the soccer team wins or loses this season, knowing that Jesus is their Savior makes them more than achievers.

PRAYER:  Dear Lord, we thank you for all the youth of the world who stand firm in their faith in you, and we ask that you help them resist the temptations and pressures of life. In your name. Amen.

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