Vertical Connection – November 4

Your dreams will be your dreams“For the Lord has poured out the spirit of sleep on you and closed your eyes” Isaiah 29:10 Marcos was the son of a humble horse trainer. His father earned very little money and could only cover the basic needs to support his family and send the boy to school. At school the teacher asked his students to write how they wanted their life to be as adults.Marcos wrote seven pages that night describing his goal. He related his dream very carefully, detailing the details and even drew a plan of the entire project. He wanted a large area of ​​land where he could have a house, stables for horses, corrals for various types of animals and land dedicated to planting and livestock. After working on his homework for several hours, in the spirit of a winner, he turned it in to his teacher the next day. Two days later, he received his failed work back. Marcos, very angry, went to see his teacher and before he said anything, he asked him: Why did you fail me? Answering his teacher he said: I think yours is an impossible dream to realize; you have no resources and your family is very poor to achieve what you want, you would need a lot of money. I think it is a millionaire project, which you are not in a position to achieve. I want you to review your work and consider some more realistic aspects; take a few days, come back with a new one, and I’ll reconsider your note. Returning home, he thought about the matter for a long time, consulted with his father. This one with great wisdom, answered him: Look, son, you have to decide for yourself. My advice is that you consult God, if your dream is within His will, no one in this world is going to prevent what you have proposed to come true. Marcos returned to school with the same project. He handed it over to the teacher and said: “You can keep my bad grade, I’ll keep my dream.” A dream added to the will of God is always achievable, no matter how crazy it may seem to you. Give God what your heart desires and that nothing or no one prevents you from believing that He will make every dream come true, His will is so perfect that your dream will be perfected and in the end it will be God fulfilling His dream in you. I encourage you to make that decision today to fight, to persevere for the dreams that God has put in you and He will take care of the rest. Remember that a dream is difficult to realize only when the dreamer dies, so live by the dream that God has for you! “And this is the confidence we have in him, that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” 1 John 5:14Telma Céspedes

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