Darwin’s Preservation Of Favored Races

Darwin’s Preservation Of Favored Races

Acts 17:26
“And with one blood he has made all the race of men, that they may dwell on all the face of the earth; and he has fixed the order of time, and the limits of his room … “

There is no doubt in my mind that Charles Darwin was a racist. The full and long title of his most famous book was Origin of Species through Natural Selection or The Conservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Existence . In Darwin’s defense, it is often argued that many Englishmen of his time were racists. That is true, up to a point, but only because most people at the time had not come into contact with people of other races. Darwin’s vision of the Fuegian people in South America, for example, was more than just “European Chauvinism.” He wrote:

It is impossible to imagine the difference that exists between wild man and civilized man … Seeing such men, one can hardly believe that they are similar to the creatures and inhabitants of the same world. It is a common subject of conjecture, what a pleasure in life some of the lower animals can enjoy: how much more reasonably can the same question be asked of these barbarians!

That Darwin’s attitude was not necessarily typical is shown in the vision of Explorer William Parker Snow, who wrote:

Many of the Fuegians in the eastern islands were well and some of them were even handsome men. I know this is quite different from what Mr. Darwin says about them: but I can only speak of what I found, and therefore I mention what I saw.

Snow knew that all people are descendants of Adam. A biblical point of view is anathema to racism.

Prayer: Lord, we praise you for all the people you have placed on this Earth. We know that we are all descendants of that Adam and therefore we all need a Savior, Jesus Christ, the last Adam. Amen.

Ref: Grigg, R. Darwin and the Fuegians, Creation , 32 (2): 42-45 April 2010.

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