New Men’s Devotional Bible


Today’s Bible ReadingMatthew 6:19–34

Recommended ReadingProverbs 3:9–10Luke 21:1–42 Corinthians 9

Whether you’re Steve Forbes, Donald Trump or just a guy trading a few stocks online, you must follow the simplest rule of investing: Don’t put your money where it won’t make a profit.

Think about it. If you hear that a fledgling company may soon declare bankruptcy, you don’t want its stock. Or if you learn that your city plans to build a sewage treatment plant next to a piece of real estate you’ve wanted to buy, you’ll start looking for land elsewhere. Ignore these matters of common sense, and you’re bound to make a bad investment.

When it comes to bad investments, Jesus urges his followers not to collect “treasures on earth,” because the temporary trinkets of the world don’t last. Some break down or rust away. Termites make lunch out of others. And thieves take anything that remains.

Instead, Jesus commands us to seek real profits—not material ones that pad our wallets, but spiritual ones that benefit our souls. These heavenly treasures represent an investment opportunity too good to pass up. When Jesus says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (verse 21), he means that we naturally worship our first love. If we love money and worldly treasures, we offer God no higher than second place in our lives.

Why do we work so hard to attain the things of this world? Take time some weekend to stroll through your local city dump. You’ll see everything from cheap stuffed animals to the most precious family heirlooms.

Jesus reminds us to invest in true profit by giving God first place in our lives. Heaven’s treasures won’t ever decay, decline, deteriorate or decompose. Heaven has no city dump.

To Take Away

  • Would you describe your most important investments as “treasures on earth” or “treasures in heaven”? Why?
  • What kind of “profit” do your investments return to you?
  • What steps can you take to become more faithful in storing up treasure in heaven rather than here in this world?

In Other Words

“Heaven will be inherited by every man who has heaven in his soul.” —henry ward beecher

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