Darwin’s Deep Time

Darwin’s Deep Time

Genesis 18:14
“Is there anything difficult for God? At the appointed time I will return to you, and according to the time of life, Sara will have a son. “

A permanent myth suggests that Darwin only came to the conclusion that the Earth was millions of years old as a result of what he saw off the coast of South America and in the Galapagos Islands when he was on his famous voyage on the Beagle. In fact, Darwin was already familiar with and convinced of “Deep Time” before embarking on the journey.

Darwin had been interested in The New Radical Deep Time Geology being taught in Edinburgh during his year in the Scottish capital learning medicine. He probably spent more time learning James Hutton’s ideas from Deep Time than from Medicine, and since he didn’t like Anatomy, he dropped out. Hutton’s ideas were developed by Charles Lyell and Darwin took volume one of Lyell’s geological tome on the Beagle with him. Volume 2 had not yet been published, so he arranged for it to be sent to him, and it arrived when the ship was in the vicinity of the La Plata River. Therefore, when Darwin reached the west coast of South America and the Galapagos Islands, he was already completely convinced of the old earth’s timescales,

In a sense, it can be said that “Evolution” requires “Deep Time.” The unique changes proposed by Darwinism would have to be so numerous that it would take time for the processes. However, we can also point out that if a process is impossible today, then it remains impossible, no matter how many millions of years it has existed.

Prayer: Lord thank you, because everything you have explained in Your word is true and has scientific sense. Amen.

Ref: McNaughton, I. and Taylor, P. (2009), Darwin and Darwinism: 150 Years Later , (the first day).

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