Somebody Loves You – November 13, 2020

FRIDAY November 13, 2020


For this reason I also have been much hindered from coming to you. But now no longer having a place in these parts, and having a great desire these many years to come to you, whenever I journey to Spain, I shall come to you. For I hope to see you on my journey, and to be helped on my way there by you, if first I may enjoy your company for a while. But now I am going to Jerusalem to minister to the saints. For it pleased those from Macedonia and Achaia to make a certain contribution for the poor among the saints who are in Jerusalem.
Romans 15:22-26

Paul planned to travel. He was on his way to visit the church in Rome when he began to experience problems that created hindrances to his travel plans. His mission was finished in the area where he had been. Now having a great desire for many years to see those in Rome, he hoped to have the opportunity to spend time in their company.

Paul needed to go through Rome to get to Spain. He first needed to go to Jerusalem. Paul was taking an offering to those in need in the city. It was not going to be easy in Jerusalem. Paul was hated by the Jews, and he would face hostility. Yet Paul did not care about persecution. He had been beaten before, but God had spared his life so many times. With determination, he kept moving along, knowing all he encountered was all for God’s glory.

In our lives, there will be situations that hinder us. Problems arise that are not easily solved. Life happens! Yet these things should not stop us from serving the Lord. Christians will have to endure persecution. Some have been beaten, spit on, rejected or disowned by people. In these last days, we are going to have to take courage from Paul’s life. Believers must endure trials, while being determined to carry on doing God’s will for His glory.

The notion that hostile persons or unfavorable circumstances can prevent the will of God from being fulfilled in a human life is altogether erroneous. Nothing, no one, can hinder God or a good man.
~A.W. Tozer~

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