Vertical Connection – November 13

Thank my Lord!!

Bless, my soul, Jehovah, and all my being bless his holy name. Bless, my soul, Jehovah and do not forget any of his benefits. Psalm 103: 1-2

With the daily worries, many times we do not forget to thank God for a new day, for having a family, for being healthy, for having a job and most importantly, for having sent his only son to die for us and give us salvation. .

Let’s not let today be just another day of asking without acknowledging and thanking that all that we have, we have received it because of his infinite mercy, grace and love. Let us recall all the answered prayers from God and the miracles He did in our lives or those of our loved ones and with a grateful heart, let us bless his name.

Despite the difficulties, we must thank God that He is never wrong, His judgments are always fair and because He is in control of everything that happens under the sun.

When we give thanks, a feeling of peace and satisfaction takes over us, to the point of recognizing that everything is good, even when we are facing the hardest difficulty.

I hope that God can find a grateful heart in you and me today.

Let’s learn to be happy and grateful with everything that God gives us !!

Brisna Bustamante

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