New Men’s Devotional Bible

Duration: 365 days


Today’s Bible ReadingMatthew 22:1–14

Recommended ReadingMatthew 21:33–46Luke 14:15–24Romans 11:13–22

As guys, we often forget to RSVP. Say that some friends invite you to a formal New Year’s Eve party. At the bottom of the invitation you read “Please RSVP,” Repondez S’il Vous Plait, or, in plain English, “Please let us know whether or not you’re coming.” The hosts want to know how many people will attend their celebration. This isn’t much of an issue when the hosts are planning a Super Bowl party, when they know there will be people coming and going and when they’re planning on having insane amounts of food available anyway. It becomes more of an issue, however, if the host is planning a catered dinner party. If you don’t RSVP and then do show up, there’s as big a problem as if you RSVP and then don’t make an appearance.

Jesus told the story of a king who sent out invitations to a wedding feast. What a great honor to be invited! But even when personal representatives of the king delivered the invitations, some people ignored them. Even worse, others harmed and killed the king’s messengers. Insulted and angry, the king sent soldiers to kill these originally invited guests. What an interesting choice these people had—attend the king’s wedding feast or die.

This story points to an even greater invitation, one that God sends to each of us. He invites us to enter the kingdom of heaven. His invitation requires a response—an RSVP to God.

Perhaps you’ve already accepted God’s invitation. If not, Jesus continues to invite you. Each day he shows up in your life and asks you to join him at the heavenly celebration. Like the guests the king’s servants gathered from the streets, none of us deserves this invitation to establish a relationship with God.

God loves us so much that he invites everyone to his party, but few accept the invitation.

How will you RSVP?

To Take Away

  • How does the story of the wedding feast help you understand God’s desire to have a personal relationship with you?
  • Why do you think the originally invited guests in the parable killed the king’s messengers?
  • Are you willing to become a representative of the King, someone who delivers God’s invitation to others? What risks do you face?

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