Rebuilders Build a Team Spirit Nehemiah is proving to be a wise sage when it comes to the process of rebuilding. Now, as we continue on our journey with Nehemiah, we come to the second important lesson in rebuilding: rebuilders build a team spirit. They do away with the perpendicular pronoun “I,” and they choose instead to say “we” . . . a lot. This truth is woven throughout the fabric of the second chapter of Nehemiah’s memoirs as we watch him build a team spirit with those around him. The ability to work together and not against one another is an essential element of rebuilding. This is true whether we are seeking to rebuild a life, a business, a church, an athletic team, a marriage, self-confidence, or whatever. The simple fact is this: rebuilding is a team sport. Nehemiah was a master at building a team spirit, and he utilized five principles to accomplish his task—principles that we can incorporate into our own rebuilding projects. First, we must start with our goal in mind. People want to know where we are leading them and how we intend to get them there. Before he ever left Persia for Jerusalem, before he recruited his first fellow worker, before he motivated his people, Nehemiah started with his goal of rebuilding the broken wall in mind. Next, we must seize our opportunities. Listen to Nehemiah as he pleaded with the king to “send me” to Jerusalem (Nehemiah 2:5). These are the words of a man who passionately seized the opportunity before him and would not let it go. Third, we must make a careful analysis of our situation. That is, like Nehemiah, we must take a close, careful, and honest look at the ruins that need to be rebuilt in our own lives. For the fourth step, we must motivate our people to get off dead center. And then for the final step in building a team spirit, Nehemiah speaks of the importance of staying on track. If our own process of rebuilding is to be completed, we must work on it as a team without letting anyone or anything divert us or get us off track. Content drawn from The Nehemiah Code: It’s Never Too Late for a New Beginning.

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