YouVersion Devotional

Our Lord speaks about the joy of finding lost things. To me there is always this appeal: The Lord wants to look through my eyes. The Lord wants to think through my brain. The Lord wants to work through my hands. The Lord wants to live and walk in my body for one purpose—to go after the lost from His standpoint. Am I letting Him walk and live in me? Spiritual realities can always be counterfeited. “Rest in the Lord” can be turned into pious “rust” in sentiment. What is all our talk about sanctification going to amount to? It should amount to that rest in God which means a oneness with Him such as Jesus had—not only blameless in God’s sight, but a deep joy to Him. Reflection Questions: Do I enjoy finding what is lost? Am I an eager participant in God’s plan to seek and to save the lost? How might I be guilty of creating a counterfeit spirituality? Am I promoting any kind of rest other than oneness with Jesus and blameless to God? Quotations taken from Workmen of God and The Place of Help, © Discovery House Publishers

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