Commit Fully – Ed Young Television Devotional – 11/17

Ed Young Television Devotional

Commit Fully

So I continued the work with even greater determination. Nehemiah 6:9


To live a life of influence, we have to take action. We can’t wait for “someday.” The people in our lives, the opportunities we have, and the plan God has ahead of us all require immediate action. But it also cannot be a halfhearted effort. To make the most of our lives and have the greatest impact we can, we must be fully committed.

There is no greater example of being fully committed than Jesus Christ. In every situation and at every turn of his life, Jesus was fully committed to carrying out God’s purpose for His life. And that example is one we can all learn from. Are you living that kind of life? Are you fully committed to being used by God? Can others see your commitment by what you do, not just what you say?


Thank God for His commitment to you. Humbly ask Him to help you remain committed to fulfilling His plan for your life and for the opportunities to use that commitment to reach those in your life.


It can be hard to line up our commitments with our priorities. Make a list of those things you say you are committed to (i.e. your relationship with God, your marriage, your career, etc.) Reflect on that list and consider how your commitments (those things you do each and every day) line up with those stated priorities.

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