Daily Food – November 17

The doctor

Hearing them, Jesus replied: ‘It is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick. And I have not come to call the righteous but sinners. ‘ – Mark 2:17

How much is a doctor worth?

For a small village in Germany, a doctor is worth a lot. Their doctor retired a few months ago, and they’ve been trying to find another to replace him ever since.

To achieve this, they decided to increase the reward offered. For example, the butcher offers to give her sausages for lunch; the hotel offers to house you for free until you find housing; the hairdresser offers free haircuts, and the baker offers free bread.

So, between the butcher and the baker, the doctor no longer has to take care of his lunches, except perhaps buying some flowers to put on the table. Although not really, because the flower shop is going to provide flowers for the surgeries.

It seems that people can do anything to have a doctor who takes care of their bodies.

How sad it is that many do not take care of their souls in the same way. It occurs to me that this has always been the case. In Jesus’ time, those who were sick ran to find him and begged him to heal them. But Scripture does not say that the same thing happened to people who came to him asking him to forgive their sins and restore their souls.

Jesus was very clear on his mission. He came into the world to sacrifice his life, so that sinners may be led to repentance, faith, and forgiveness.

Jesus knew what we all too often forget: because of the ravages of sin, the flesh and blood we have only lasts so long. While it is true that some diseases we can heal, all healing is temporary.

On the other hand, the spiritual healing that we receive through the forgiveness achieved with the Savior’s blood is eternal.

Better yet … on Judgment Day, those who believe in Christ will receive a glorified body immune to all evil.

PRAYER:  Dear Lord, teach me to see and take advantage of all the blessings that you, in your love, have put in my life. I thank you for the health of my body and soul. In the name of your Son. Amen.

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