Encounter with Jesus – November 17

November 17

Work for the Lord

Colossians 3.23

To work “as for the Lord and not for men,” you have to start with a job that honors Him. Just because you have the opportunity to earn money at a job doesn’t mean you should take that job. God does not see well all occupations. Of course, he does not bless anything that exploits or defrauds people.

You might say, “Well, this is the only job I could get.” But compromising faith is not the way to support your family. A clean conscience and a blameless Christian life are far more important than the money you could earn in unethical pursuits. Also, if God doesn’t want you to do a certain job, He will give you a better place to work.

Once you find a suitable job, be sure to treat others as God does: with love and respect. When I was studying at the university, there were ladies who were in charge of cleaning the dormitories. I remember some of my classmates saying harsh things about them. I thought: If one of them was my mother, how would she have wanted to be treated? So I began to respect the lady who cleaned my room as if she were my mother. How do you want people to treat your children, your husband or wife? How would you like to be treated?

The Bible tells us to work as for the Lord ( Col 3:23). We cannot do it if we are not in a job that pleases Him and that fits His ways. After we find ourselves serving Him in our work, we must never forget to treat others with love and respect.

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