The Survival of The Cockroach

The Survival of The Cockroach

Deuteronomy 14:19
“Every winged insect will be unclean; it will not be eaten. “

I have met few people who love cockroaches, but not many. Most of us despise them. We are frightened by the sheer strangeness of his appearance. These large insects are notoriously difficult to kill. There are many who testify – possibly apocryphal – to having trampled one of these beasts and still managed to escape after the encounter. Worse still, is the fact that many of them can fly. Was it just my imagination that assumed they were flying straight into my face?

Evolutionary researchers have suggested that its longevity dates back more than 200 million years, at a time when all the continents were united in a super-continent called Pangea. Although, creationists dispute millions of years, they do not necessarily differ from the rest of the analyzes.

For one thing, there was most likely a Pangea before the Flood. Our hypothesis is that seismic and volcanic activity, known in Genesis 7 as the “fountains of the deep,” probably started the rapid process of separation from this Pre-Flood continent. Second, invertebrates like cockroaches were not placed in the Ark, the Ark contained only land animals and flying creatures with lungs. So insects – which have another respiration mechanism – were not included. There were no roaches on the Ark! The cockroaches probably survived in rafts of vegetation, as there must have been a lot of that debris floating on the surface of the waters.

Prayer: Thank you Lord, because Your Word is true. Thank you, Lord, for those creation scientists who have studied mechanisms to explain the mechanics of that global Flood in Genesis. Amen.

Ref: Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press). “The ancient geographical and genomic history of the cockroach dating back to the last super-continent.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, February 8, 2018 <>.

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