Vertical Connection – November 17

Raise your hands

Ana Maria Frege Issa

We have all fought battles, some bigger, some small, short or long, but we all know what it is like to be in the middle of a fight.

Regardless of their size, they all seem to have no end. We start with all our strength, with faith intact, we repeat all the verses we know by heart and sing all the praises we know, confident that we are strong to face what we live.

But after a while, no matter how long the test lasts, our strength begins to wane, we get tired, we no longer have verses that seem to encourage us, we prefer not to sing because we are out of tune and because, honestly, who wants to sing when they have problems ?  

In Exodus 17: 8 -15 the war of Israel against Amelech is related. The incredible thing about this story is that it says that when Moses raised his hands Israel won the battle and when he lowered them it was Amelec who obtained the victory. So in order to win the battle Aaron and Hur held Moses’ arms until victory came.

When we raise our arms to God we give the battles to Him. It is a way of surrendering and acknowledging His power over our lives, of knowing that everything will be fine, that it is an assured victory.

It is undeniably very hard to raise your hands when we are in a test, because even if it is not physical, our forces seem to abandon us after a while. But you know? Even if your song sounds out of tune because sadness and worry overwhelm you, sing, sing with all your heart and raise your hands, surrender to Him and you will see how God is the one who fights your battle, He is your banner and goes before you. Why fear?

“He will redeem my soul in peace from the war against me, Although there are many against me.” Psalm 55:18

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