Adventure Bible Family Devotions

Duration: 365 days

Fruit on the Vine

Whoosh! A blue flame shot up into the gigantic balloon above Stacy and her father. The basket they were in started rising. “Away we go!” her dad said. Soon they were high over California’s Napa Valley. Jim, their pilot, let the balloon drift quietly.

“It’s so peaceful up here,” Stacy said. “I can’t even feel any wind.” Grinning, Jim replied, “That’s because we’re moving with it.” Stacy gazed at the valley. “Look at all the vineyards, Dad! You can see rows and rows of grapevines.”

 “It’s almost harvest time,” her father said. “Those vines must be filled with big, juicy grapes.”

Handing Stacy a rope, Jim said, “Let’s go closer and see. This rope lets hot air out of the top of the balloon. That’ll make us go down. Give it a pull!”

God wants to see fruit growing in you— spiritual fruit, that is. These are qualities such as kindness, goodness, and faithfulness. (See Galatians 5:22-23) Stay connected to Jesus, the way a branch is connected to a grapevine. Then the Holy Spirit will produce this fruit in you.

Bible Verse: [Jesus said,] “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit.” – John 15:5

Life in Bible Times: Ancient gardeners pruned the branches of their grapevines. They cut off bad parts so good parts could grow. That way, the branches produced more fruit. God prunes believers for the same reason.

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Today’s reading is a brief excerpt from the NIV Adventure Bible Book of Devotions: 365 Days of Adventure (Zondervan). © 2013 by Zondervan. Used with permission. All rights reserved. Enjoy the complete book by purchasing your own copy at the Bible Gateway Store. The book’s title must be included when sharing the above content on social media.

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