Encounter with Jesus – November 19

November 19

The grace to carry on

Hec hos 15 .7-11

As believers, we easily attribute our salvation to God’s grace, but what does “this grace in which we stand firm” mean to us ( Ro 5 .2)? How does it function in daily life, especially when we go through periods of trial or suffering?

1. The Lord’s grace releases His supernatural power in us so that we can endure life’s difficulties and rejoice in what He is doing in us through adversity.

2. Grace builds our trust in the sovereign Lord. Nothing looks hopeless when we focus on Him, instead of our problems.

3. We discover the assurance of God’s sustaining presence, as He walks with us every step of the way.

4. Because we have experienced the love that God has for us, we are able to feel empathy and love for others when they face difficult times.

5. In trials, grace transforms our character, and helps others see Jesus reflected in us.

Difficulties are inevitable. So we need a daily dose of God’s grace if we want to go through trials confident that there will be a reward. If we trust our strength, the obstacles will seem insurmountable, leaving us discouraged and ready to quit.

Many times, we trust Christ for salvation, but then we try to live without his help. If God’s grace was necessary to save us, it will also be necessary for the rest of our lives. Only through the continuous injection of his power can we have a victorious Christian life.

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