The NIV 365 Day Devotional

Duration: 365 days


We read about how the Lord curses the home of the wicked, and now we see that he also blesses the home of the righteous. It’s natural to wonder what those blessings look like, especially when you are going through a trial and not feeling blessed at all. You think there must be something wrong with you or that you did something to cause the adversity. But trials are just part of living on this earth, not God’s way of removing blessings.

Therefore, when you evaluate the blessings in your life, you have to consider the big picture. Don’t look at the momentary, day-to-day things. Look at your family overall. Blessings come in a variety of ways and can include longer-working appliances and cars that run smoothly, as well as good health and positive experiences. Your blessings may not be what you thought they would be, but God blesses those who honor and please him.

Throughout Scripture you can see that the house of those who followed after the Lord had a special touch on it, and that is true for us today. God is good to those who choose to follow after him.


If you made a list of all your blessings, they would be as numerous as the stars.


  • What are the simple blessings in your life this week that have encouraged you?
  • Do your children see you recognizing God’s blessings and giving him thanks?
  • How are you helping your children recognize the blessings that are part of your family?

Taken from Once a Day Nurturing Great Kids©2017 HarperCollins Christian Publishing

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