Sisters in Faith


Sisters in Faith

Limitations can come wrapped in so many packages. Often, the limitations in our way are the ones we have imposed on ourselves. Sometimes, we have to get out of our own way—move those limitations, and create an environment of infinite potential. Take a moment and consider the things you regard as limitations. What are the things that hinder your progress in life and affect your ability to help your child progress toward his or her future success? Put together a short list of the limitations you see. After you acknowledge the obstacles, your task is to face each one squarely and with courage. As your children see you confronting any obstacles and determining to find a way to reach beyond them, they will begin to see each obstruction in their path as a challenge to be overcome. Limitations can actually become tools that create real fortitude in them. (2, p.96)

Excerpt from Raise Him Up: A Single Mother’s Guide to Raising a Successful Black Man

© 2013 Derrick Moore & Stephanie Perry Moore

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