Daily Food – December 1

Who wants dust?

“I will multiply your descendants like the dust of the earth. If someone can count the dust of the earth, they can also count your descendants.” Genesis 13:16

“Through you all the families of the earth will be blessed!” Genesis 12: 3b

A few years ago we lived in the country. No matter where we looked, all we saw was corn, beans, and sugar beets. One windy day, and before we learned our lesson, we went on a picnic and left the patio door open. On returning home we discovered that the wind had blown the field dust through the fabric gate, covering everything with a thin black layer.

One can count the beets. You can even count the corn, at least by the ton. And land is sold by the meter or cubic foot. But with dust it is not like that. You can’t even try to guess how much there is. The dust is so extensive, one simply says how much space it covered (in this case, the entire dining room and kitchen, right down to the hallway).

This is how God’s promise to Abram was to be measured: His descendants would cover the earth.

Unfortunately, it was difficult for Abram to imagine such an incalculable gift. Like us, he wanted something understandable, something tangible. “Lord Jehovah, what will you give me, if you have not given me children …?” Genesis 15: 2 (KJV). Like a child waiting for Christmas, he was eager to see and count the presents.

But the best gifts from God are not like that. We cannot always identify each one of them. In the tremendous gift of our Savior we have received countless blessings and endless days of grace. We cannot point to one sin forgiven, or even a large number of sins forgiven. Because what God has done is completely cover us with his forgiveness and mercy.

PRAYER:  Dear Jesus, give me eyes to see all your gifts today, and a voice that praises you in all things. Amen.

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