New Men’s Devotional Bible

Duration: 365 days


Today’s Bible ReadingLuke 14:25–35

Recommended ReadingProverbs 3:1–12Luke 9:57–62Acts 20:22–27Revelation 3:14–22

Even if you’ve never gambled, you’ve probably seen one of those TV shows where celebrities play poker and donate their winnings to charity. While most of the celebrities joke around with each other and laugh while they play, there are some who take the game very seriously.

Those stars ignore the frivolity of the other celebrities. They glance at their cards with calculated coolness. Not a ripple of doubt or indecision crosses their expressionless faces. When the cards seem right, they decisively push their chips into the middle of the table. Their determination to win communicates, “I’m all in,” to the other players.

In poker, players who aim to win can’t make a half-hearted bet. Whether they’re bluffing or have a great hand, they have to act decisively. One misstep or unguarded move can force them out of the game. That’s why they are totally committed to their course of action with every hand they play. This is true with any competitive venture, and it’s just as true in life.

Jesus used some powerful words to describe what it means to follow him as his disciples. Essentially, he says to us still today, “If you’re going to follow me, you have to go ‘all in.’” There’s no such thing as a part-time disciple. You can’t be fainthearted, “just curious” or apathetic.

We can try to give Christ less than everything. We can approach our faith halfheartedly—just getting by, hanging at the edges of the game for a while but never committing wholeheartedly.

Or we can go “all in” as we follow Christ, putting our all on the table for him.

To Take Away

  • If Jesus calls his disciples to give up everything they have, why does anyone follow him?
  • Do you think people can choose not to be a disciple of Jesus, yet still be “saved”?
  • How would your life be different if you decided to go “all in” for Christ? Do you find the idea of a total commitment to God frightening or exciting? Why?

In Other Words

“You must get involved to have an impact. No one is impressed by the won-lost record of the referee.” —John H. Holcomb

Copyright © 2006 by Zondervan.

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