NIV Discover God’s Heart Devotional Bible

Duration: 365 days


John 18–21

God’s Story

After Jesus is arrested, he is taken to the high priest’s house, where he is questioned and then slapped in the face for his honest responses. The high priest and Jewish ruling council pass Jesus to Pilate, the Roman governor, because they don’t have the authority to put anyone to death. The human high priest is sending the divine High Priest to be killed. Pilate finds Jesus innocent but has him whipped to placate the Jewish leaders. It’s not enough—they demand his death.

The innocent One is crucified.

Joseph of Arimathea gets permission from Pilate and, with Nicodemus, takes Jesus’ body to an empty family tomb. They bring around 75 pounds of spices to prepare his body for burial—an amount fit for a king.

After the Passover Sabbath is over, Mary Magdalene gets to the tomb first and reports to the disciples that it’s empty. It’s true. Two angels and Jesus himself break the news to Mary: His body hasn’t been stolen—he has come back to life!

That evening as Jesus’ disciples are fearfully huddled behind locked doors, Jesus appears among them. Sending them out to the world like the Father sent him, he breathes on them and tells them to receive the Holy Spirit. Later, Jesus comes to six of the disciples while they’re fishing. He miraculously provides a great catch, cooks them breakfast, and makes sure that Peter knows that all is forgiven after his denials. The good King wants his good friend to walk confidently in his love.

The King’s Heart

In the garden, Adam and Eve hid after they fell into sin. God sought them out as they shamefully trembled in the foliage. Generations later, Jesus’ disciples huddled fearfully behind locked doors. God shared with Adam and Eve the curses they had ushered in. But when Jesus sought out his disciples, he shared what his death and resurrection had ushered in—the Holy Spirit. He exhaled, and suddenly everything was different.

A new day was dawning. It’s a re-creation. At creation, God made Adam and Eve and breathed the breath of life in them. Listless flesh and bone came alive with God’s breath. Jesus breathed the breath of life on his disciples; his Spirit brought their dead hearts to life—our dead hearts to life. Our hearts are filled with God’s very Spirit. He has come as close as he can possibly be.


Just before Jesus died, he said, “It is finished” (John 19:30). Though a phrase in English, this is a single word in Greek. People would write this word on a bill after it had been paid.

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