Getting the keys tomorrow of my, God Willing, 1 year rental.


I will be very busy this next month with the new house, packing etc…

I am excited and grateful.

If all goes well and I pray so, My home will be sold the 25th of January but I needed to rent a home for us to move in asap.

It will take nights and weekends to pack and transport our belonging and I am already worried, lol just a bit that the contract will fall apart but, truly I still trust in the Lord because I know HIS WILL is what I want for us. He is always right and on time.

After moving in I Will take a few pics. The duplex is not even close to the beauty of my house but the view is fantastic. I have a small yard then, the Canal that opens up in another bigger Canal. I love it and we will make our home inside pretty. I always owned a house since I got married, trailer, manufactured home then this beautiful home with my pool, yes mine myself been the only one using it.

I never lived in a duplex since my younger days 23 years ago.

I know we will be happy.

After we sell the house we will pay one year rental and try to save every month the rent already paid to recoup the 19.500 for one year in this new home.

Yes south Florida is really expensive!!

We saw many home some prittiers but the view is worth this one as the same price as the others.

We pay 1.600 dollars a month for a 2 bedroom 2 baths.

I’m not crazy about the house but we will make it pretty inside. The neighborhood is decent not high crime and I see myself sitting in the porch watching the water and the 2 Palm trees that will be made into a comfortable resting hammock by my husband.

Yes he is a very good man taking care of my desires then, maybe a hot tub.

Well I will check your posts and do what I can.

Love you all.

God bless you,



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