Vertical Connection – January 1

Let God resurrect your dreams CVC La Voz We have all heard the story of the resurrection of Lazarus, found in the 11th chapter of John. The story says that Lazarus fell ill and his sisters Martha and Maria sent for Jesus. In verse 3 he says the message was, “Lord, behold, the one you love is sick.” Not many people would dare to send such a message, unless they had a close relationship with the Master. Martha, Mary and Lazarus had witnessed the miracles that Jesus had been doing and they shared with Him, they were his friends. They were probably sure that Jesus would come immediately upon hearing the news and perform a great miracle like the ones they had seen. Far from what they might have thought, Jesus deliberately delayed and arrived 4 days after Lazarus had died. And surely you can think that Jesus was a bad friend or that he did not really care what they felt but it is not like that, later he says that Jesus cried and that he was moved but He had a bigger plan for the lives of his friends, he would do them protagonists of something never seen before. When Jesus arrived at the scene, Martha came out to meet him and said, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Sometimes we think we have reached the end of our lives. Perhaps you are facing a disease for which you asked God for so long to heal you or perhaps you feel that you will no longer be able to get out of the tough economic situation you are in or your family is in the biggest crisis it ever went through and maybe You have resigned and you are abandoning your dreams and your prayer is similar to Martha’s and you say to her: Lord, if you had been here, if you had arrived on time … It does not matter how long you have been asking God for a miracle, or how bad your economic or family situation is or if the diagnosis you were given is irreversible. God is in control and He is always on time, not in our time, if not in His time. Imagine what it is that Lázaro was dead for 4 days. Perhaps, if Lazaro had been dead for half an hour, Maria and Martha’s hope would still be afloat, but four days gave no place to doubt that Lazaro was dead. Sometimes God puts us in a waiting time so long that we are sure that it is the end, that Jesus did not arrive on time and well, that we must bury our hopes, our dreams and move on, conforming to what there is. But it is there, when you can’t take it anymore, that Jesus arrives and resurrects what we took for dead. And when we surrender, it is God who moves his hand and gives life to what we bury. He makes the impossible possible. God wants to glorify himself in your life, he wants to bless you and no matter how long you have been waiting for a miracle, God will arrive in time. Do not bury your dreams, do not give up, allow God to do a great miracle in your life and if for some reason you have already buried them, run into His arms and give Him the opportunity to resurrect what is dead, allow Him to do a great miracle in your life. Remember that He is a specialist in the impossible. CVC The Voice “For nothing is impossible for God” Luke 1:37

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