Encounter with Jesus – January 2/3


Oswald Chambers, author of Pursuing the Supreme, died in 1917, but his influence lives on. God uses this man’s devotional readings to speak to my heart and convict me. Chambers’ message has endured because he prioritized things of eternal value, not things of this world.

Sadly, many people choose an existence without eternal meaning. Diving in to earn as much money as possible, pleasing yourself, and quitting work to “enjoy the good life” is unscriptural. A worthwhile life involves giving ourselves unreservedly to God so that He can use us as He sees fit. Christians like Chambers, who have an eternal impact on their sphere of influence, are passionate about serving the Lord. They look for ways to express their love and devotion to Him.

Believers are citizens of a heavenly kingdom, so being “servants of almighty God” is part of their identity. I know what you might be thinking: I have a secular job, or my life doesn’t matter much. If you are determined to find ways to be useful to the kingdom, God will give you tasks of eternal value. Be sensitive to people in need. Share your faith with those who suffer. Whether it’s through your job or through your community, be available to serve people who need help. Tell others what God is doing in your life.

You have been called to serve God wherever you are. We have all been given the work of evangelists and teachers (Mt 28.19), as well as the task of caring for those in need (Is 1.17; Gal 6.2). Let’s work for the kingdom, because there is a lot of work to do. You have been called to serve God wherever you are.

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