NIV Discover God’s Heart Devotional Bible

Duration: 365 days


Ephesians 1–3

God’s Story

While Paul is in prison, God prompts him to write a letter. He wants the believers in Ephesus to see that their faith is centered on Jesus and that, in him, God gives them every blessing in the heavenly realms.

Before God made the world, he had a plan. He chose us—believers—to be holy and blameless through Jesus. Not only that, he chose to adopt us as his children through Jesus and to give us his Spirit as a guarantee of our future inheritance as his children. He will bring everything in heaven and on earth under Jesus’ rule as King. All of these blessings are free gifts that we can’t—and shouldn’t try to—earn. Paul prays that God will give the believers in Ephesus deeper understanding about how magnificent these truths are.

Ephesus was a city thick with dark magic. Cults were obsessed with power—with controlling the world and making things happen. But Jesus, the King, is enthroned over every power and authority.

At the cross, God tore down every barrier between Jews and Gentiles. We are all one family in him—which was his plan all along. And in Jesus we are all being built up together into a holy temple, the place where God is choosing to live. Paul prays that the Ephesian believers will know the deep love of the God who is so good to do all of these things.

The King’s Heart

God’s love “surpasses knowledge” (Ephesians 3:19).

God’s love for us is so pure and deep that it can’t be fully known. God loves us more than the greatest, purest human love ever experienced throughout human history. The person who has loved you best in your life is a reflection of God’s love, but God’s love is so pure that the best human love is only a dim reflection. And the deepest, most passionate love you’ve ever felt for someone else is overshadowed by the love God feels for you.

God’s intense love for you has spurred him on to remove every obstacle that could keep you from him. He wants to be close to you. Because of what God has done, your eternity looks like this: You will spend forever with him, swimming in and exploring his infinite, never-ending love.


Many Biblical scholars believe that the book of Ephesians was a circular letter and that the church in Ephesus was only one of its recipients. If that’s the case, geography suggests that the letter would have been delivered first to Ephesus, then to Laodicea, then to Colossae. Ephesians may in fact be the “letter from Laodicea” referenced in Colossians 4:16.

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