Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Duration: 365 days


Today’s reading is drawn from Psalm 68:31 and Acts 8:26-40.

Bringing the ark of God to Jerusalem—the possible setting of Psalm 68—must have made the Israelites feel that they had finally arrived. They were settled in the Promised Land. They were led by a remarkable king. The Lord was their God, and the holy ark assured His presence in Zion.

But David reminded his people that God’s blessings would eventually extend far beyond Israel and its immediate events. Nations throughout the world would hear about the Lord and come to worship Him (Ps. 68:32). They would include even belligerent neighbors like Egyptians and Ethiopians (68:31), who were vying for power as Israel rose to prominence.

The promise of Psalm 68 was at least partially fulfilled in the first century A.D. when the treasurer of Queen Candace of Ethiopia came to Jerusalem. He had started home after worshiping at the feast of Pentecost when he met Philip, who explained to him the news of salvation in Christ.

The treasurer believed and was baptized (Acts 8:26–40). Through that encounter, the news about Jesus reached Africa, and today many Christians in Ethiopia see the treasurer’s conversion as the beginning of their spiritual story. Through him, they feel connected to David, who foresaw the day when Ethiopians would join in the chorus of praising the Lord.

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