Adventure Bible Family Devotions

Knocked off Your Feet

“Link up, everybody,” Lilly said. “We’ll go faster!” Sitting at the top of the hill, she and four of her classmates grabbed each other’s snow tubes. Another classmate, Denny, gave them a push, then jumped on his tube and held on to them. They started down the icy slope, laughing and yelling as they picked up speed. Lilly’s school was having its winter party at a ski resort with six tubing lanes. She and her friends were careening down the steepest, bumpiest one. “Woooeee!” shouted Katrina as they scored some air time. The group plummeted to the bottom of the hill and slid to a stop.

“Whoa, that was fast,” said Denny. Grabbing his tube, he headed for the rope tow. “Watch out!” Lilly cried. A rider in the next lane slammed into Denny’s legs, flipping him over. “You gotta stay alert,” Lilly said, helping him up.

Rubbing his head, Denny said, “Yeah. Guess I learned that lesson.”

What knocks your faith out from under you when your guard is down? It could be something someone says on the radio. Or a comment someone writes in a magazine. Or maybe a remark from a friend who doesn’t believe in God. Keep your guard up by remembering what the Bible says. Keep believing the truth so doubt can’t take you down.

Bible Verse: Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith. –1 Corinthians 16:13

Words to Treasure: It is by faith you stand firm. –2 Corinthians 1:24

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Today’s reading is a brief excerpt from the NIV Adventure Bible Book of Devotions: 365 Days of Adventure (Zondervan). © 2013 by Zondervan. Used with permission. All rights reserved. Enjoy the complete book by purchasing your own copy at the Bible Gateway Store. The book’s title must be included when sharing the above content on social media.

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