Encounter with Jesus – January 4

TITUS 3.5-8

How do you respond when you find opportunities to serve God? Let me list some of the wrong answers:

  • I can not.
  • My schedule is too busy.
  • I do not know how to do it.
  • I am not a pastor.

These answers close the door before we know whether or not the Lord wants us to enter. You may have never thought that refusing to serve God is idolatry, but that is what it is: bowing down to yourself instead of submitting to him.

The Lord wants his servants to be willing, first, to do whatever it takes; and later, to seek to know their specific plan for them. God endows his followers in a special way to serve him according to his will. But when we have already decided that we cannot do it, that we will not do it, or that we are not well prepared, we are then acting according to our will, and that is not right.

You can serve the Lord as a good parent, or as one who shares the gospel with your co-workers, or as a friend who listens to those who are suffering. There is no restriction on what God can do with a willing helper. The power of his Spirit overcomes human limitations. Not feeling brave enough? God can change that. Don’t have the right skills? God can change that.

Leaving excuses is the wisest thing we can do to serve God. Trust that the Lord will enable you to do what He calls you to do, and that He will take care to equip you and prepare you properly (Eph 2.10; 2 Tim 2.20; 3.16, 17). All he asks you to do is say “yes.” Leaving excuses is the wisest thing we can do to serve God.

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