Vertical Connection – January 4

Like the butterfly

There are times when the trials we face seem endless. We began with great force to fight against them, to confront them, but after a while it seems that we no longer have the strength and we ask God to get us out of them quickly.

The truth is that every trial has its purpose and has a time when God can mold us. It is like the case of the butterfly.

They say that a man found a cocoon of a butterfly and took it home so he could witness the moment when the beautiful being came out.

One day he saw that there was a small hole and then he sat watching for several hours, seeing that the butterfly was struggling to open it larger and be able to get out.

The man saw that he was struggling hard to get his body through the small hole, until a moment came when he seemed to have stopped struggling, apparently making no progress in his attempt.

So the man, in his kindness and believing that the butterfly had got stuck, decided to help her and with a small scissors he cut the side of the hole to make it bigger and the butterfly, finally, was able to get out of the cocoon.

However, when the butterfly emerged, it had a very swollen body and small, bent wings.

The man continued to watch, expecting that at any moment the wings would unfold and grow enough to support the body, which would contract to reduce how swollen it was.

None of that happened and the butterfly could only crawl in circles with its swollen little body and folded wings. He could never fly.

What the man in his kindness and distress did not understand, was that the restriction of the opening of the cocoon and the struggle required by the butterfly, to exit through the tiny hole, was the way in which nature forced the liquid from the body of the butterfly to its wings, so that they were big and strong and then it could fly.

Freedom and flying can only come after the fight. By depriving the butterfly of the fight, it was also deprived of its health.

If God allowed us to progress in our lives without obstacles, He would make us invalid. We could not grow up and be as strong as we could have been.

God wants to bless us, He has great plans for our lives, but beyond that, He wants to mold us, work in us and will never give us a test greater than we can bear.

“For I know the thoughts that I have about you, says Jehovah, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you the end you hope for.” Jeremiah 29:11

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