4 Keys to Loving Someone When They Get Angry

From The Darkness Into The Light

  • Joël MalmAuthor

couple sitting back to back on couch looking upset, how to love someone when they're angry

Anger seems to be everywhere right now. Dealing with your own frustration and anger is one challenge. But, how do you love someone who is angry? Whether it’s our kids, our spouse, or co-workers, we all come face to face with angry people in life. Their anger can lead to all sorts of fear and uncertainty inside us. But all hope is not lost.

Here are three tips to help you understand how to better love the angry people in your life – and hopefully, be an instrument of peace that helps them find their own peace.

Photo Credit: © Getty Images/grinvaldsfrustrated woman, loving someone when they get angry

1. Understand the Source

Anger is a secondary emotion. It comes after another emotion. In my book,Love Slows Down, I explain that anger is always a response to feeling threatened in one of three areas:

1. Security– physical, emotional, financial
2. Connection–…

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