Encounter with Jesus – January 5

Jan 5

What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Matthew 4.18-25                 

When Jesus called his disciples, they immediately left everything and followed him. We might think that the Christian life must have been easier for them than for us. When Jesus walked, they followed Him. When He taught, they listened to His voice. By observing their interaction with people, they learned from their example. But how are we to follow Jesus, since He is no longer on Earth? We cannot touch him, see him, or hear him the way his disciples did.

When Christ was about to leave this earth, he promised his disciples that he would send them a Comforter who would never abandon them. In reality, this Comforter would live within them ( Jn 14, 16, 17). Today we follow Jesus by listening and paying attention to his Spirit in us, who is the most intimate guide we can have.

The Spirit does for us all that Christ did for his disciples. He guides us at all times and teaches us the truths of God. But his work actually goes further. The Holy Spirit transforms us from the inside out, and enables us to serve and obey the Lord. It helps us discover God’s will for our lives, and it gives us the desire and strength to follow the path that He has laid out for us. All we have to do is obey.

To follow Christ we must be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. The more surrendered you are to his direction, the better your spiritual ear will become. Listening to the Holy Spirit in prayer and reading his Word is the only way to grow in the Christian life.

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