This is a long distance

This is a long distance

Psalm 104: 6
“With the deep, as with clothing, you covered it; Over the Monts it was the waters.”

In a Laurel and Hardy movie, Stan Laurel answers a phone, says, “That’s right,” and closes the receiver. When Ollie asks what it was, Stan tells him it was a prank call. “The man just said,” It’s a long distance from Atlanta, Georgia, “and I said,” That’s right. “

Earlier, he had mentioned the Troutdale Formation, about how large masses of stones were carried by large amounts of water under pressure. This forced the huge number of stones to round, but they were also flattened, and gradually being pressed into rough horizontal rows.

What we did not get to discuss at that time was that 20% of these stones are quartzites. However, there is no source of quartzites near these deposits. The closest quartzite sources are in the Rocky Mountains, so these stones must have been transported from the Rocky Mountains, about 300-600 kilometers away. Clearly, any alleged early version of the Sandy River could not have had the length or the energy to carry stones that far. In addition to that, the local topography shows that the Sandy River traverses the features established after the Troutdale Formation, indicating that this river did not exist to transport quartzite. Also, quartzite is incredibly hard – almost as hard as diamond.

The only explanation, for the transportation of the quartzites that makes sense, is to assume a vast universal flood, as recorded in Genesis. Without that high-energy water, the Troutdale formation would not have occurred.

Prayer: Thank you Lord, that your word speaks the truth. So many puzzles fall into place when we start to take your word for the truth. Amen.

Ref: Hergenrather, J., Noah’s Long Distance Travelers, Creation 28 (3): June 30-32, 2006.

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