What Kind of Love Story Do You Want? 5 Practices to Keep Your Relationship Strong and Healthy Audrey & Jeremy Roloff, from Creative Love Safeguarding Your Love Story

The choices we make day after day secure our love story, and we need to actively protect it. – Audrey & Jeremy Roloff, Creative Love         Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. — Romans 12:9-10 NIV      Have you ever bought a warranty for something only to realize that when you needed to utilize that warranty, it had just expired? Or perhaps even more frustrating, have you ever needed a medical prescription or procedure only to realize that it’s not covered by your insurance? We can’t be the only ones who get frustrated by the amount of money we spend on warranties and insurance only to realize that when we actually need to rely on them, they fail us.    When it comes to our relationships, we can’t rely on our feelings alone as insurance for safeguarding our love. I know it’s not the most romantic thing to say, but feelings come and go, and feelings alone won’t get you through the hard seasons, the inevitable conflicts, or the unforeseen circumstances. As we look at the world around us and the relationships that we see failing, so many of them have let their feelings (or lack thereof) break the lifetime warranty and full-coverage insurance they agreed to when they said, “I do.” Of course, the hope is that your car won’t break down and your relationship won’t suffer a crash, but in reality, no one is immune. You need something stronger than feelings to rely on when nothing else is stable.    It’s the little daily deposits you make that become reliable insurance for a love that lasts.   The choices we make day after day secure our love story, and if we don’t actively protect it, our love story can suffer an unhappy ending. Falling in love can seem effortless, but staying in love requires effort. And there are some protection measures we can take that will guide our daily actions and guard our love story. These safeguards make up our lifetime love warranty.     ~ Audrey   Here are a few daily practices to keep your love strong and healthy.    Express gratitude.  Basic manners can actually go a long way! Say thank you when your love does something for you, even if it’s something you assume or expect them to do. Say please before you make a request rather than make demands. Our creative way of expressing gratitude for each other is with our “mailbox affirmations” that we talked about in chapter 1. Maybe you can try this out or come up with your own creative way to express gratitude.     Serve each other.  Even the simplest act of service can set the tone for your love. Offer to do a task they normally do, get them a glass of water, clean a mess, or make a meal. Consider each other’s needs above your own.     Stay teachable.  Be a student of your person. They won’t be the same person year after year. Commit to learning more about them and how you can better love them each year.     Show affection.  Maybe you always kiss goodnight or pause for a long hug at the end of the day. Or perhaps you commit to holding hands when you go for walks or give a loving shoulder squeeze or pat on the back that says, “I see you and I love you.”     Pursue God together.  Talk about your relationship with God together and learn from each other. Listen to a podcast, read a book, or watch a sermon together. Pray together.     *    Stay tuned to tomorrow’s email for part 2 of this blog series, and hear from Jeremy Roloff about safeguarding your relationship by creating better boundaries.     Excerpted with permission from Creative Love by Jeremy & Audrey Roloff, copyright Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.    Your Turn   Are you protecting your love? What are the helpful daily practices and deposits for your relationship? Join the conversation on our blog! ~ Laurie McClure, Faith.Full        LAUNCHING NATIONWIDE TODAY   From the founders of @Beating50Percent and the former stars of the hit reality TV show, Little People, Big World   Save 30% off the brand-new relationship guidebook   Creative Love: 10 Ways to Build a Fun and Lasting Love by Jeremy & Audrey Roloff         Discover even more ways to love one another creatively, intentionally, and faithfully.     Whether you are beginning a new dating relationship, are recently engaged, or have been married for decades, the new book, Creative Love, is inspiring for any stage of a romantic relationship.   A perfect gift for yourself— or your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse— for Valentine’s Day, engagement parties, weddings, or anniversaries!     Hardcover, Regular Price: $16.99 Sale: $11.89 (30% off) + free U.S. shipping on orders $30 or more     ABOUT THE BOOK   A timeless relationship book for couples that offers practical advice for creating a fun, fulfilling, and forever love story.    You may know the Roloffs from the television show Little People, Big World, their Behind the Scenes podcastm or following their growing family online.   Creative Love provides insights on the following topics:   Communicating in ways that grow your love  Adventuring together in every season Preventing and resolving conflict in creative ways Making traditions and commemorating meaningful moments  Giving unique gifts that say, “I see you” Establishing values and dreaming together Pursing God’s design for love and marriage And more!   Unique bonuses in this book: “Get Creative” challenges in each chapter to help you put the ideas into action Conversation starters and idea lists for going on dates, giving gifts, and celebrating special moments Presentation page to make gift-giving easy! Join the Roloffs as they share real-life stories that invite you into meaningful conversations, love-strengthening practices, and creative ways to live the love story you’d want read back to you one day!       Miss any of our recent articles?     Settle Down Deep in His Love by Max Lucado    When Crisis Comes Knocking by Zim Flores    How to Pray for Friends and Family in the New Year by Chrystal Evans Hurst  The 28-Day Prayer Journey OBS starts in two weeks! Join us!       *Sale prices valid through 1/31/2021, excluding eBooks. eBooks purchases are fulfilled by our partner, Glose.  Free U.S. shipping on orders $30 or more, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.   Faith.Full ~ the women’s newsletter at FaithGateway Our mission is to help you grow and share your faith   © 2021 HarperCollins Christian Publishing. All Rights Reserved. 501 Nelson Place, Nashville, TN 37214, USA Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions Manage Your Email Preferences or Unsubscribe 

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