Daily Food – January 7, 2018

Peace is what we want!

Only in God my soul finds tranquility; only in him have I put my hope. Psalm 62: 5

When we think of peace, we imagine the absence of wars, but reality is reflected in the daily news and the increase in violence around the world. It seems that the human being is becoming his own predator.

Scholars look for the reasons for the violent behavior of the human being. Some consider man a product of his environment, which is partly true. If someone grows up surrounded by violence, they will have a great chance of reproducing that in their adult life.

Jesus’ desire is for people to relate well to each other, forgiving each other and building bridges in their relationships. He promises to be by our side, accompanying, lifting the fallen, carrying them in his arms and guiding them for a safer and happier life.

PRAYER:  Lord Jesus, let me be an instrument of yours to improve the lives of the people around me and to live in peace with everyone. Help me overcome my weaknesses. Amen.

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