More from Life – The week of January 5

Enough is Never Enough 
© Copyright 2009 More from Life with Jorge Cota

1 Timothy 6:10

Some time ago I read a sticker that said: Enough is never enough . That is exactly what greed is. Enough is never enough.

Greed is not simply the appreciation of money. It is not the appreciation of things or the accumulation of things. It is not the extravagance because the extravagance is relative. If you have more than one pair of shoes and two coats, you are already extravagant for most of the world.

Instead, greed is mad, uncontrolled desire; it is consumption out of control.

Greed is being eaten by some desire. Greed is the main reason why consumer debt has doubled in the last ten years.

Greed is described in this way in an epitaph in England: “She died for the desire for things.” Next to it is another tomb with the epitaph : “He died trying to give it to her!”

Greed gives possessions permission to possess us. In doing so, greed becomes the cancer of contentment. He slowly consumes his victims, replacing contentment with an insatiable desire for money and material possessions. In short according to the Bible; greed is the love of money.

A few years ago one of the largest surveys ever conducted in the United States asked people; What would you be willing to do for $ 10 million?

3% said they would be willing to put their children up for adoption. (Knowing some children I was not surprised!) 16% said they would abandon their spouse. 25% said that for 10 million dollars they would leave their family forever. 23% said that for 10 million dollars they were a prostitute for a week.

In another survey, the amount was one million dollars. 65% said they would live on a desert island alone for a year. 30% said they would spend six months in jail for a crime they did not commit.

For $ 3,000, 24% (1 of 4) said they would reveal their best friend’s deepest, darkest secret even though they swore by heaven and earth they would not tell anyone. For $ 500, 66% said they would kiss a stranger on the lips. For $ 50, 3 out of 4 people said they would kiss a frog. I would kiss a frog for $ 50!

Greed is very common and the parameters of what we will do and by how much are rooted in our love of money. Money is not the problem. The love of money is the problem. Fraud, lies, theft, betrayal, and deceit arise from the love of money. However, deep down, greed is accusing God of not providing for our needs.

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