Still packing, I am taking a break from it all.

I am outside my home talking to God.

I am thanking Him for the sale and the peace He gave me today. Today we had the person that decided the cost of the home. Just now how forgot what he is called, my mind has a tendency of forgetting words but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s strange but I’m not concerned about the value of my home. I trust in the Lord to make it perfect so we don’t lose money on the sale. I put away some money to give to people in need that I know.

Giving gives me joy and not to boast I have done a lot of it when I had money when my birth father died 10 years ago. I was not a good steward and am living paycheck to paycheck. We made a good investment for 4 years in this sweet home I might miss lol but we have some money to bless other and to save. God is giving us a second chance and we are going to be wiser. My birth father left me about 450,.000 9 years ago after all the paperwork s and selling his apartment so we received the money in a year. We bought cash a prefab home and gave lots away do even if we spend some on out furnitures we have no idea where the money went. Bad stewardship. Forgive my spelling. We are going to make a lot less selling the house but our mind set is different. God is good! We are still going to bless others but less then usual. I’m just getting down thoughts so, I’m not offended if only 3 people liked this post. I’m not boasting, another misspell, lol just talking to God about how much I have learned. I’m tired of not having security almost 66 years old and with an 18 years younger husband, a true Blessing. He still loves me. He has made mistakes that hurt me deeply but now things are much better as his walk with Jesus I’m sure is improving. I love the Lord passionately and I AM ready for this new chapter in my life.

God IS in control of everything in my life and I let go a long time ago my Will to His. I’m way far for been perfect, lol but I am close to Jesus the Holy Spirit and Abba Father 3 in one. My Lord my Savior. I m writing and thanking God for His goodness to an undeserving child as myself. Well I better go I have bored you enough with my chatter. I love all of you and some, very much and am doing the best I can while my situation is changing. WordPress gave me a way to share about Jesus and for that and all my followers, I am truly grateful. As I already said I I’ve you all and pray a lot almost everyday for all of you brothers and sister and those that do not believe in Jesus. God hears prayers if that I’M sure. Hugs to all,



Child of God.

Ps forgive the spelling I’m under a palm tree before 3 pm and can’t see good.

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